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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finger Painting

     I decided to be brave and allow the boys to have some serious fun- with Finger Painting. It had been a stormy week with little outside activity, so I figured this would brighten their day. I was right and they each had a great time painting.

 First step was to get JT and Finn ready by spreading out newspaper and getting 1 color(their choice) on their paper. I figured it would also be wise to paint without shirts to minimize any messes on their clothing. They were so patient waiting for me to take a few photos- impressive.

 They quickly started on their creations using their fingers and whole hands to smack, dab, and swirl their paint.

 JT even managed to work his arm into the paint.

 You can sense the excitement Finn is having while painting.

 Final color- green.

 Finn's beautiful creation.

JT's masterpiece.

A brief video of the boys having fun. JT also discusses stormy weather and the arrival of the mail truck that he saw out the window while painting. I'm sure this will be something we do again soon. It wasn't horribly messy- baby wipes helped to clean up arms, tummies, and hands.

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