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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


     I thought it would be fun to make a rainbow craft with the boys, so I set up the table for some colorful fun.

 First step- I colored each boy a basic rainbow. This served as their template. After that, I cut up square pieces of construction paper of the matching colors.

 Finally, it was time for artwork! To help the boys understand the layering effect of the rainbow, we glued one color at a time.

 This activity really captured JT's attention and focus.

 Finn hard at work.

 We continued through each of the colors. I skipped some of the ROY G BIV spectrum to keep things simple.

 Finn preferred to take a small pile of color squares and place them on his paper and pull from his stash.

 This is the reaction I get these days when I ask JT to look at Mommy or the camera and smile. A very loud and expressive "CHEESE!!!"

 Finn happy to be doing artwork.

 The finished results! Wonderful! When I showed John what the boys made, he didn't believe me at first that they made these. This is now hanging in John's office at work.

 Finn shining over his rainbow.

Double rainbow!

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