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Monday, April 2, 2012

I do it myself

     "I do it myself." "No! I do it!" are common phrases spoken by JT these days. JT loves to "help" in the kitchen, clean dishes (and matchbox cars), doing laundry.... the list is growing each week. Here are a few excerpts of JT doing things on his own.

 One of my favorite snacks is peanut butter on a spoon. JT has watched me enough to request his own spoon. Of course he has Sunbutter since he is allergic to peanuts ;) Last week, he said, "No Mommy, I do it myself." and kindly asked for the spoon and jar. I thought, "Why Not?" and let him have at it for a few minutes.

 JT was quite satisfied, enjoyed his little snack, and his messy face is evidence of his accomplishment.

 Again, last week at bedtime, JT will brush his teeth as we start his routine. He typically is a few seconds ahead of me bolting up the stairs to "beat Mommy" to the bathroom. I got a bit distracted in my bedroom for a moment and entered the bathroom to discover JT had for applied the toothpaste on his brush for the first time!

 I'd say he got enough, wouldn't you?

Though we had enough toothpaste for JT and about 2-3 others, he placed it perfectly on his brush without blobbing any on the counter. He was quite proud of himself.

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