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Monday, April 30, 2012

Morning with JT

     This weekend, we had jam packed fun and activities for the Apedaile 6 household. Saturday started out with Coach John, Lindsay, and Courtney headed out for double header volleyball matches(which they won both!). Since John and I were going to be headed up to Campbellsville for Sarah's bowling banquet later on, JT and I had some grocery shopping to do.

 We started off by waving bye-bye to John and the girls.

 If you noticed in the photo above, JT had his hand up and it kinda looks like he's throwing some gang signs around. Nope- no gangsta here. That is JT's version of "I Love You" sign. We still have a ways to go to mastering his finger dexterity ;) We know what he means though.

 Off to shop at Super Wal-Mart. Benefits of going early- lots of samples in the bakery! Donut and cake. Lucky for JT, I brought along some milk to drink.

 After Wal-Mart, we headed to Kroger to get a few items that I needed there. JT scored some Curious George fruit snacks here.

JT had been so well behaved and in the best mood, I decided to splurge and let him choose a Matchbox car as a reward :) He chose this truck.

     We then came home, unpacked and put away the food. It was so beautiful outside, I asked JT if he wanted to play outside. Not really a question I need to ask, as JT is always ready to go outside. So we changed into play clothes so he could run outside, dig in the dirt, and play with his cars.

After a bit of playing, JT pulled out his Lowe's ride along car and asked for me to take him on a walk. We ended our wonderful morning with a nice stroll around the neighborhood with JT beeping his horn and driving his car. It was a wonderful morning with JT!

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  1. aw he's such a cutie! what a fun morning! :)