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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bowling Banquet

     This past weekend, John and I headed up to attend Sarah's bowling banquet at Campbellsville University. It was to celebrate a long season, September-March, and all of the hard work these students put in at the bowling alley and in the classroom.

 John, Sarah, and myself as we headed over to the cafe.

 It doesn't matter that Sarah is an adult and in college- her Mom still makes her pose for kinda dorky shots like this :)

 Sarah received an award at the banquet along with 3 others on her team.  So proud of her!

 Academic All-American!

 Sarah and her good friends Katlin and Kaylee. These happened to also be 3 of the 4 who were Academic All-American's.

 Candace, O'Dell, and Sarah

 Sarah and Harry

 Sarah and MJ

Katlin and Sarah being goofballs with their awards

 Most of the Lady Tigers team. A few were under the weather and couldn't make the banquet.

Sarah and Coach Rausch.

     John and I had a wonderful time at the banquet. There are so many wonderful families we got to know better and got to spend time with some of Sarah's closest friends. We feel so blessed to have Sarah at CU and be a part of the Lady Tiger's Bowling Team.

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  1. Looks like a great time and Congrats to Sarah! Way to go!!! :)