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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Cut

     With the warm weather starting to build, John and I decided to give JT a summer cut. JT is one of those kids that just gets sweaty super easy. Probably because he is going a million miles a second most of the hours of the day and the fact that he's a boy.

     I thought it would be a good idea to use John's clippers to give a long buzz cut. I thought it might help to keep JT cool as well as easy maintenance for the summer. I was a bit nervous that JT wouldn't look cute or I'd shave all of his hair off. We used the longest guard for the clippers #6.

     A funny story before I get to the photos. Right as we were getting everything ready, John was telling JT he was going to get a haircut. JT was excited- he always does when we tell him it's time for a haircut. Then John got out the clippers and JT freaked out. "No Daddy, no haircut!!!" Waving his hand in protest. Poor guy thought he was going to get a haircut like John's! It took some reassuring that he wasn't going to shave all of his hair off-LOL!

 Here is our mop headed kid.Quite the perfect before shot. JT wasn't in the mood for cute smiles or faces. He was long overdo for a haircut.

 New summer 'do! JT had a TON of hair on the floor and on his face and body. Ready to head to the shower to clean up.

 After his shower and celebrating with a popsicle. Still channeling the cheesy face.

 JT's sisters gave the seal of approval of the new haircut. Said he reminds them of Zack Effron's new 'do- that must be a good thing, right?

Looking forward to this easy hairstyle for the next several months. 

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