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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Early Birthday Gift

     Yesterday, I received a package in the mail. John had told me a few days ago he is expecting something for me so anything that arrived I am to stay away from. So I put it aside(after giving a little shake). Later on, my Aunt Cathy called me up to let me know that the package was from her, as she received notification that it was successfully delivered.

     Aunt Cathy told me to go ahead and open it up as it is an early birthday present.I was excited and opened it up while we were on the phone so she could hear my reaction. She got me something that I had pinned on my "Wish List" board on Pinterest! How cool is that? I never thought I would get something from that list, and so clever of her to look there for ideas!

 Here is my gift- Scrap Trap. 

 You hang it on a drawer under the counter top you are using, or cleaning, and everything easily slides into the trap. Not sure about you, but for me I usually will wipe the crumbs into my palm or dishtowel, which inevitably results in some getting on the floor. *My counters aren't usually that dirty or full of crumbs. Lindsay knew we were going to test this gadget and promptly started breaking hunks of bread on the counter.

 Nice little orange cleaning tool with smooth edge or little brush to bring everything to the trap.

 Ready to test it out!

 Working perfectly!

Dropped exactly into the trap with nothing getting on the floor. Success! This will now be out at every meal I need to prep for. Thank you so much for the unexpected gift Aunt Cathy!

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  1. You're welcome!!! I thought it was a great idea when I saw it on your list (which is also a great idea btw)...and Lindsay makes it look almost fun to clean up!!! (!)