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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cinnamon Challenge

     Yesterday marked the end of the school year and Courtney had her friend Veronica to kick off the summer with some fun! They had found several "Challenges" they wanted to do and record. The last of their challenges was the Cinnamon Challenge.

     I'm sure many of you have heard , seen, or even tried this challenge. The person takes a tablespoon of cinnamon and tries to eat/swallow it. It is impossible and usually people make great fools of themselves trying. So of course my now 8th grade Courtney thought it would be great to try.

 Courtney and Veronica were well prepared- spoon of cinnamon, bowls to spit/hurl into, and tall glasses of water.

 To make the challenge even easier, we cut the cinnamon WAY down to 1/2 a teaspoon. Can't you tell how confident Courtney looks as she is about to start?

 Start of the Cinnamon Challenge!

 and about 2 seconds later. Disgust all over their faces.

 Trying to wash their mouths out.

 Courtney ditched the glass of water and headed to the sink!

Veronica's face here about summed up their feelings on the challenge.

Of course we recorded this event! Watch for even more laughs!

More challenge blog posts coming soon!

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