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Friday, May 25, 2012

Salt & Ice Challenge

     This was by far my least favorite challenge. I'll explain later, but I got quite a scare at the end of the challenge. Everyone is okay though. Courtney had heard about this challenge from some of her girlfriends that had already done it. She had been asking to do it for several weeks and with Veronica here, I finally let her do it.

 Lindsay, our salt assistant, ready to help.

 The first step is to pour a little pile of salt where you will be placing the ice cube. Courtney chose upper inside forearm and Veronica right on her bicep.

 Part 1- press the ice cube into the pile of salt for 60 seconds.
All Smiles as they start out.

 About 30 seconds in, clearly getting uncomfortable. Love Courtney's face!

 Notice how the girls kept sinking lower and lower into the counter as they went along.

 Part 2- just let the ice cube sit in the same place without any pressure for another 60 seconds.

 Courtney wasn't too comfortable here. She kept going though. Veronica's ice cube kept sliding off her arm. I think Courtney's spot was more flat than Veronica's bicep.

This is the part when I freaked out. You might be able to tell at the end of the video when I cut it off. After the 2 minutes were up, the girls removed their ice. I about DIED when I saw what appeared to be a huge pot hole type of deformity in Courtney's arm! Her skin color was very pale where the ice was, which I expected but it looked like a crater- skin missing or something- is how I can best describe. I didn't bother to take a photo or shoot the video. I was horrified I just allowed Courtney to harm herself while I taped it. I saw a flash of "Breaking News- Mother Records Prank Gone Wrong".  So I grabbed Courtney and placed her arm under the faucet to gently raise the temperature to her arm. Thank Goodness the "crater" I saw was just the salt! Duh!!! It blended into her arm so much that is fooled all of us.

 While Courtney thankfully didn't have a crater of missing skin, there was a burn of sorts of each of their arms.

Last night it looked like a ice sized welt. Still made me hurt :(

Today it looked more like a bruise or burn. Thinking this might the only time this challenge is performed for my girls.

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