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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tube Painting

     I found a creative use for toiler paper rolls last week- painting with them! Not just plain circles, though that could be fun, but cutting some different designs. Thanks to Pinterest for this little gem.

 Here are the 4 designs Sarah and I created for the boys.

 It took a bit of assistance to get all of the parts covered in paint.

 Look at the great print it made!

 Finn was going for the double color effect.

 Cheesy smile is part of art time now.

 Finn is also getting into the cheesy smile bit.

 The boys made several pages of prints.

 Some of the designs, like this one needed some patting down of the "leaves" to make sure they left a nice print, FYI. The boys didn't care either way though.

Another successful art project!

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