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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 2

     I was quite the lucky gal this weekend- I was pampered and celebrated by my family for my birthday and Mother's Day. Besides making my birthday dinner, which I wanted to do, I didn't cook or clean the entire weekend! Thank you to my wonderful husband and kids for making my weekend so relaxing.

 This was what I was greeted with after John and I returned from doing some volunteer work Saturday afternoon. The girls had decorated the house with balloons, streamers, and lots of Happy Birthday signs.

 Birthday Girl and her little beauties.

We had a fantastic dinner which I will post about tomorrow hopefully. All made from scratch, except the bread, and it was delicious. Deserving of it's own post.

 After dinner JT and I sat down to open a few presents. Even if the presents aren't for him, he gets so excited.

 From Courtney- a coupon book! Filled with things such as cooking meals, giving a massage, and even refraining from talking about 1 Direction for one day to me. That will be a sacrifice for her-LOL! Thank you Courtney!

 From Sarah- 2 Ted Dekker books. The one pictured above and Obsessed. Dekker is one of my favorite authors and I'm looking forward to reading them! Thanks Sarah!

 From Lindsay- a beautiful flowering plant and mini balloon. Not sure if she got the memo about my black thumb, but I'll give it my best shot to keep this beauty alive. Thank you so much Lindsay!

 Then my handsome hubby- starting out with a beautiful card.

 John had 3 presents wrapped and I loved seeing these photos showing JT's anticipation and how excited he was to open the gifts.

 I look absolutely terrifying, but this photo cracks me up! JT was just so giddy about present time, so I clearly over exaggerated his excitement.

John got me a few pampering gifts- a gift certificate for my first ever mani/pedi! I have been told by several of my friends that I'm seriously missing out of a little slice of heaven by not experiencing a pedicure yet. I am looking forward to scheduling that soon. I'll also be getting my brown on with some tanning sessions. Don't worry, I won't be looking like that Mom from NJ. Just enough to not look like Casper the ghost and even up my farmers tan on my legs and arms.

 John also bought me this super adorable apron. Since finding my hidden Martha Stuart when I discovered Pinterest, I've found the need for aprons in the kitchen. Thanks so much for all the presents John!

 Check out this beautiful cake John ordered for me. It's from Sweet and Sassy bakery and they make some delicious treats. Loved these bright and happy flowers on my cake.

 Candle time! Thankfully John didn't put all 38 candles on the cake. JT, as always,by my side ready to help.

Wishing for many, many more birthday celebrations. 

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