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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outside Time

     With the wonderful weather we have been having, a lot of time is spent outdoors playing. Since I have the privilage of caring for some of my friends little ones, outdoor time is a group event. Here are some recent shots from our time outside.

 JT ready to play outside sporting his sunglasses.

 This is Mason and Ella- they are almost 15 months old and only 3 days apart. I think this will be the closest I ever get to caring for twins.

 Ella loved hoarding all of the chalk and of course tasting a few before drawing :)

 Mason loved looking at the butterflies and birds that came in the yard.

 JT and Finn had a blast racing the cars, chasing birds, and drawing with chalk.

 JT found several dandelions and made wishes.

It was such a warm day that after we all came in the kids got a cool treat to help cool them off.

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