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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

8th Grade Graduation and Dance

Nearly 2 weeks ago (sorry Linds for not posting this sooner!), Lindsay had her 8th grade graduation and dance. Time to recognize all of Lindsay's hard work and celebrate the end of middle school!

 Lindsay looked so beautiful in her new graduation dress.

 Adorable sandals to coordinate with her new duds.

 Lindsay and her classmates as they entered the gym.

 The entire 8th grade class. No other worthy shots taken to share here. My camera was having a tough time focusing and I ended up with a bunch of blurry shots. Many were recognized for their excellent grades along with Lindsay. JT handled the 1 1/2 hour ceremony well. He provided comic relief for the surrounding parents with some of his comments. The most often was after a round of applause- JT would exclaim, "Yay!!" and when it stopped he would ask, "Is it done now, Momma?"

 After the graduation, we took the family, and Finn who is hiding behind Lindsay, to Taco Bell! One of Lindsay's favorite fast food places to eat.

 Later that evening, it was time for a wardrobe change to get ready for the 8th grade dance.

 Sarah and JT offered some tips on how to pose for the photographer.

 Picture perfect!

 Adorable flower detail on her left shoulder!

My now beautiful freshman! Congrats Lindsay, we are so proud of your hard work and accomplishments in middle school!

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  1. omg that dress is so cute! i'm so nervous 4 my grade 8 grad. idk what to wear xD