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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Food Challenge

     Final installment of the challenges Courtney and Veronica did last week. This was a fun challenge for me as I was the one who went shopping and bought the jars of food for the girls to eat. Not until after they ate them, did they discover what exactly they ate. Element of surprise was fun for me to watch.

 Baby Food Challenge- 4 jars, 2 girls

 First step was always to smell the food to get a clue as to what they might be eating next.

 All smiles before eating their food.

 Lots of laughs all around!

Clearly enjoying the baby food-LOL! They did this after every baby food, even the innocent applesauce/blueberry combo. It was hilarious to watch.

Ham, Pineapple, and Rice 

Macaroni and Beef with Vegetables


Applesauce and Blueberry Blend

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