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Monday, May 7, 2012

Midnight Snack

     John was working in California this past week. He came home very late Friday and headed back to California again yesterday. We had a fun, yet brief weekend together.  After John arrived home, he began unloading his suitcase. Then all of a sudden, he pulled out a surprise for me.

     Me-n-Eds!!!!This is by far my favorite pizza. It is a franchise chain that is primarily located in the Central Valley where we are from, but there also happens to be a location in Southern California where John is working. Such a fun surprise! I haven't had a slice of my favorite pizza in about 6 years. What better midnight snack than to heat up some Me-n-Eds in the oven? The girls have enjoyed tasting this yummy pizza and JT has been introduced to some of the best pizza. Thank you so much John, this was the most delicious surprise you have brought home in some time.

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