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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Face Time

     When John travels, we do our best to keep in touch as a family. I will usually send pictures and videos of what we are up to as well as texting and talking on the phone. At night, if both of our schedules allow, we will either Skype or Face Time. Face Time is basically Skype for the iPhone. I love these phones! What can't they do?

     Last week, when JT and I were having a session with John on Face Time around bedtime, we were having some connection problems and the call/video kept dropping. Since JT could still see himself on the phone, he thought that John was somehow missing. He starting yelling for Daddy which was quite comical, so I decided to hit record while we waited to resume our call.

Impatient 2 year old looking for Daddy on Face Time.
My favorite thing JT said here was "bada-bing". Not sure where he picked up that saying, but I
think it's from a game on John's phone.

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