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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Wreath

     With another season upon us, it was time for me to make another wreath for our front door. I had been searching Pinterest for some inspiration and I found one that I wanted to create. Here is how I did it.

 Main component of the wreath was yarn in my choice of spring-y colors.

 Then some coordinating felt pieces for flowers.

 Blurry pic (sorry), these are pearl corsage pins that Courtney found at Michael's when I was looking for that extra something special for the flowers.

 Forgot to take a  before photo of the foam wreath- here I'm just starting the process. All it involved was wrapping each color of the yarn around the wreath, doing various arrangements(single wrap or several close together).

 Here is how the wreath looked after one go around with each of the colors. The cream and green were "hidden" by the bolder pink and purple, so for the next go around, I changed up the order of the colors to help balance it out.

 Here is the wreath after the 2nd round. I thought it looked more balanced color wise.

 Close up view of the wreath.

 The beginning of my felt flowers. Simple little circles that I pinched and hot glued to form little and big flowers. Along with some green leaves.

 The flowers complete and on the wreath. Here you can see how I used the pearl pins to make cute little center points on the flowers.

I added some ric-rack ribbon for an extra touch and hung it on our door. We are now ready to greet our guests with our spring door. Only 1 more season left to make- summer!

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