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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daddy buy dat one!

     JT has a love, no maybe an obsession with trucks. Whenever he is outside, in the van , or anywhere a moving vehicle is, he is always looking for trucks. Big,small, or even SUV's that resemble a truck are what gets his attention.

     As he points them out to us, it usually is followed by, "Daddy buy dat one." Meaning John is going to buy that truck for JT. Just to keep him happy and play along, we always agree and tell him, "Yes, Daddy is going to buy that one JT." It's quite amusing at times. At this rate, John will never retire out of the sheer number of trucks he will one day buy JT.

 Here is JT on the lookout for some trucks on the way to dropping off Courtney and Lindsay. * Yes, I do now see that JT's chest clip was too high. I think one of the girls strapped him in and I didn't double check(bad Mommy)

 Found one! Pointing out his latest truck.

     There is 1 truck that has a special place in JT's heart. It's a "Big Monster Truck" as he calls it. On a dirt lot on the way to school/church is an older truck that has been lifted up and has larger tires on it. It's for sale and been for quite some time. So every time we pass this lot, JT gets to see his favorite Monster Truck and declare how John is going to buy it. Well, yesterday morning on the way to school we approached the lot and JT is looking in anticipation for his truck only to find it was GONE! You should have heard him- "Oh no! Where is the Monster Truck Mommy? It's all gone!" I must admit, I was a bit sad too because it brings JT such pleasure in seeing this truck. He held it together and we pointed out other trucks.

     Then last night, JT and I went to pick the girls up from Wednesday night church for middle school, the truck has returned! Oh the excitement when we saw the Monster Truck back in it's spot! JT was a happy boy and told John about it when we got home. Just to make sure we have a memory of his truck, I had the girls snap a photo of it when we came back home. 

Just a wonderful tacky, old Monster Truck that my boy loves!

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