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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tracing Letters

     With JT nearing 3, I want to start incorporating some more structured opportunities for early enrichment and learning of basic skills, much like a preschool would do. Since I'm fortunate to be able to work at my home and care for little one's, this fits in perfectly for not only JT, but those I care for.

 Time to start tracing letters! Found these templates on Pinterest.

 JT knows all of of his letters, so I thought it would be perfect to start to teach him how to write them. I like how these letters are large and have lots of room for practicing tracing for younger children.

 Big A, little a.....

 Finn also sat in for our lesson time.

 Used several different colors for tracing so the boys could see their "lines" as they wrote. Not bad for his first time. 

Finn had a great time making his A's. The boys also flipped over their paper and colored to their hearts content, so double duty to the activity :)

Little video of JT tracing. We taught JT a while ago that A is for Apedaile, so you will hear that here :) I was tickled when toward the end of the video JT asks about the "A sound". Such little sponges at this age!

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