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Monday, April 23, 2012


     JT loves spending time with his sisters. He will often ask to go upstairs and hang out in their rooms. A few days ago, he was hanging with both Lindsay and Courtney. Courtney was getting ready for a sleepover and Lindsay was cleaning her room. Perhaps a bit distracted to notice what JT was up to.
     This is what can happen when JT is not closely supervised in his sisters room which is not "JT proof"....

 JT got his hands on a Sharpie pen in Courtney's room and took it to the walls! Nice "A" JT ;)

 and over to the adjoining wall....

 Just a bit on Courtney's One Direction poster. Thankfully not too much on it.

     I tried using the Magic Eraser and it was taking more pink paint off than Sharpie, so I went with the easier solution. Painting over the scribbles. Thankfully we had a bit left over from when we painted. I discovered black Sharpie takes several coats to cover fully with pink paint. At least 3 or 4, but it did the trick.

All back to normal and just pink. I think the girls, at least Courtney, learned their lesson to know where and what JT is doing at all times when in their bedroom. Hope to not repeat this lesson with JT any time soon.

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