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Friday, April 20, 2012


     A few days ago we had some unexpected visitors stop by our house. We were playing outside when all of a sudden I saw something that I knew JT would love. I got his attention to what I saw and he was thrilled!

 JT pointing out our special visitors.

 A small group of ducks were waddling in the street in front of the house!

 I quickly ran inside and grabbed some bread. Lindsay and JT started feeding our guests.

 JT tried to hold out a hunk of bread, hoping that a duck would approach him. No such luck.

 The wind up...

 The set up....

The pitch! JT had a great time tossing a ton of bread pieces to the ducks. As you can see, the street was dotted with white bread :) The ducks stayed for a while, enjoyed their snack and went about their business. It was a great end to a fun time outside.

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