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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bryant Park

     One of the little gems we found on our trip was Bryant Park. This charming park was just a few blocks away from our hotel and we often passed by when walking to/from places. It has a lot to offer in a small space- shopping of unique crafts, clothing, food, and drink, ice skating, merry go round, an area for playing board games, and plenty of spots to sit and relax under the beautiful trees.

 All of the stores are made of clear walls with a forest green frame. A single store can be as small as average bedroom, guessing 8x12/15? There were a few double size stores that had more foot traffic.

These gorgeous trees frame the outer perimeter of the park. I'd love to know what kind of trees they are. If anyone knows, let me know.

There were several clever store names. When John and I went into this store, there were no bald men to be found manning the store ironically. Perhaps Max was busy making chocolate?

 Lindsay would love this store!

 Little girls enjoying their huge pickles. Look at the shirt they were selling. I was on the list on consideration for souvenirs for Lindsay.

 William Bryant- who the park is named after. I loved the huge mums surrounding the statue.

 The ice rink in the middle of the park. It looks like this is a season feature as there were people still setting up some of the signs and seating for the ice rink.

A beautiful fountain in the middle of the park, but toward the front entrance. In the right corner you can see a store that John and I found the most delicious kettle corn ever. For most of the time we were in the park, we kept smelling the most enchanting scent. We even went as far to ask a local merchant what that smell was who directed us to the popcorn store. There were at least a dozen different varieties of popcorn ranging from savory to sweet. We decided to buy a caramel bag and it was the best popcorn I have ever had. John and I kept calling it crack popcorn because it was hard to stop eating it. Not sure what was in that popcorn, but it tasted so good eating under the trees at Bryant Park.

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