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Friday, November 2, 2012


     Halloween was a blast for 2012. The porch was decorated in the latest Pinterest style, our Jack O' Lanterns on the steps, a fog machine we scored last year in the after holiday sales, and some fantastic Pandora Halloween music greeted our trick or treaters. Several of the older kids even complimented how our house looked, which was sweet.

     JT, Courtney, and Lindsay were ready to walk the neighborhood and come back home with some sweets and treats. Each year, JT is getting more excited and understanding what this fun evening means. He decided early on that he wanted to be a dinosaur and there was no other choice as far as he was concerned. JT even hand selected which dino costume was "the one" when we browsed Amazon last month.  At last, it was time to put his best dino skills to use and go Trick or Treating!

 One of the rare shots of JT wearing his hat/head fully fastened. He had some major issues with it being strapped under his chin. JT simply did not like it one bit. He entertained me with a few photos though.

 JT the fierce dinosaur!

 I love his tail! JT would swish is back and forth. So adorable!

The other shot on my phone camera with the hat being fastened.

 Courtney and her friend Veronica were dressed up as skittles and Lindsay was a bag full of jellybeans.

 Photo time on the front porch. JT holding his tail and a little plastic pumpkin he got at the neighborhood party earlier in the day.

My trio ready to head out and have fun.

A few more Skittles came to join the fun. Courtney and her friends made these shirts to wear for their Halloween dress up day at their middle school. 

Me being temporarily clueless, I forgot to take a photo of the backs of the girls shirts. The best part of their shirts I think.

 Silly face shot.

 After going trick or treating, Lindsay now had to escape her costume. First she sat down and popped several of the balloons.

 Then she went wild and ripped apart her bag.

 Ah, much better!

JT went out for about half of the neighborhood. He was very happy with the treats he received. Though I must note a very sad thing. At a few of the houses the kids were offered a chocolate or non chocolate candy. JT said multiple times, "No chocolate, I want...(other offered candy)." Needless to say, JT's stash is safe from Mommy raiding it.

 Courtney and Lindsay had some huge amounts of candy to sort through.

 Both of the girls like organizing their candy into like groups. I guess to better visualize what exactly they have. They sometimes will trade if the other has more of their favorite candy.

 JT's favorite? Lollipops of course! They have been high on the list for over a year now and this was the first (and second) piece of candy he selected to eat after he got home.

A happy boy wearing dinosaur PJ's to end his fun evening of Trick or Treating.

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