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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


     In the final stretch of fall crafts, I thought it was time to make some scarecrows.

 I gathered up all of the needed components for the scarecrows.

  I decided that it was time to let the big boys start to do their own gluing, so I let them have at it. 

 As you can see on the brown paper, JT was heavy handed with the glue stick.

 I did the gluing for Ella and Mason. They got to do the "pat-pat" technique of placing their parts.

 JT and Finn working on the hair/straw.

 Placing hair required much concentration.

 The shirt buttons also caused much thought and careful placement.

 JT and Finn also drew the face on their scarecrows.

4 unique scarecrows!

I wonder if they would scare these birds away? This is from a store near our home. In the fall there are thousands of these birds in our area.

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