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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Play dough

     A few weeks ago, Lindsay wanted to help out with art/craft time. So she made a small batch of homemade play dough. She colored it red and blue and got the table ready for the boys.

 JT and Finn were ready to play.

 The dough needed a floured surface as it was a bit tacky and soft.

 Mason was skeptical of the play dough at first.

 He then decided it looked yummy. He also discovered homemade play dough is quite salty.

 Making a snake.

 Finn, with some help from Lindsay, made a mustache.

Mason became more comfortable with the play dough and had some fun!

JT wanted to mix red and blue.

Going a little manic poking the play dough.

The play dough was a big hit and will be played with regularly.
Thank you Lindsay for making this craft.

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