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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fort Sam

     One of the little babies, Sam, I watch has recently begun to crawl. Much to the dismay of his big brother Finn as well as JT, Sam now crawls right into the middle of their fun. A few times JT and Finn have tried to take matters into their own hands to keep Sam away from their toys. 

  One day the boys were playing in the entryway/office (that's not really a office but we still call it that) with their cars. You can see them lined up on the right and lower part of the photo. Finn and JT starting bringing some of the larger toys and made a barrier wall around him.

Sam, unaware of the boys motives, appreciated the toys to play with.

Then, it must have hit him what was going on and he looked directly at me.

The boys kept bringing more and more toys to secure Sam in his spot and away from their area. They moved quite swiftly- this only took about 2 minutes.

Fort Sam completed! They were kind enough to drop some baby toys in the middle. I snapped the photo and "rescued" Sam from his confinement. Soon enough, JT and Finn will realize that Sam is just another one of the boys and include him in their fun.

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