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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Carving it up

     Going to take a brief break from the NYC fun. Halloween photos just can't wait to be shared!

     A few nights ago, we had our annual Pumpkin Carving evening. John and the kids had gone and selected some excellent pumpkins and we were all ready to have some fun.

 Courtney holding her perfectly round pumpkin.

 JT and Lindsay reviewing the templates for their design.

 John, the best Jack O' Lantern lid maker ever!

 The big reveal of the inside of JT's pumpkin.

 JT's reaction, "It's stinky!"

 JT scooped a bit, but declared it was "too hard".

John showed JT how he could pull the guts out of the pumpkin.

Love that I captured this shot!

Still super stinky according to JT. With that note, he was done and just observed from the sideline.

 Both Lindsay and Courtney had pumpkins that had sprouts inside! Never seen that before.

 Lindsay and Courtney worked hard to get the insides out.

 Time to put on the stencils and make some Jack O' Lantern artwork.

Courtney finished up first and snapped some of us working on our designs.

Our finished pumpkins!

Courtney used the most difficult template. It is a Graveyard scene with a Tombstones and 2 trees curving along the sides.

Lindsay made a giant eye. JT kept arguing the point that this wasn't an eye but in fact a duck.

I chose to make an owl.

John was voted best with his Dracula pumpkin. JT helped selecting this template- he wanted an "angry face". I guess that equals spooky Halloween.

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