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Monday, November 12, 2012

NYC Boat Tour

          Since we were very short on time, we decided to see lots of major interest spots in one fell swoop by taking a boat tour. When we come back, we will go to many of these spots and explore them firsthand but this was a great way to actually see many things in a 90 minute tour.

 We secured one of the best spots on the lower deck. Clear windows that opened. It was getting pretty chilly and John was so kind to let me wear his jacket.

 Heading out, we could see the Empire State Building.

 Also a large group of kayaker on the Hudson Bay. Beautiful fall trees lining the waterway.

 Several enormous ships at the various docks.

     We had a wonderful tour guide. He had a great knowledge of the area, history, and a great sense of humor. He also had such passion and love for his city, it was apparent in how he told some of the stories he shared. One special spot we came upon was the World Trade Center. He had seen the attacks first hand and he described the horror all of us had witnessed on TV's with an impacting effect. When we came upon the scene, both John and I could just feel how huge of a impact this area has. It's hard to describe, but it was a reflective time for us. We felt the same way when we visited the U.S.S. Arizona memorial when we honeymooned in Hawaii. In addition to the sense of loss, you also feel and see the strength in seeing the beauty in the rebuilding that is taking place.

 The new 1 World Trade Center. When completed in 2014, it will stand 1776 feet tall. This height was purposely chosen for what the number represents to our country.

 The clear void where the former 2nd tower once stood. There is now a memorial site there for visitors to come. It is free but tickets and reservations are required. We had our tickets for Friday late afternoon, but arrived in the city after our reservation.  We will go next time for sure.

 Beautiful little parks were scattered along the waterway.

 Approaching the Brooklyn Bridge

 Manhattan Bridge

 Williamsburg Bridge

 We wrapped all the way around to the other side of the city.

Enjoying our trip back toward the port.

 Lady Liberty

The dark sky proved to be the perfect backdrop against the Statue of Liberty. She was absolutely beautiful. 

 It was a big weekend for the city as the crown was being reopened for tourists after a long renovation.

 Our attempt of a self shot with the Statue of Liberty.

As we approached the port, our guide brought us to a spot in the Hudson River where in 2009 Capt. Chelsey "Sulley" Sullenberger successfully landed the plane and all 155 passengers survived.
     This tour was fantastic and there is so much history that we were able to see first hand in just under two hours. We can't wait to see some of these places again and more in depth.

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