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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rockefeller Center/Top of the Rock

     Time to head back to our NYC trip here on the blog. We headed out to Rockefeller Center for the Top of the Rock "attraction". We managed to navigate the subway a few stops away from our hotel then walked the remainder of the way.

 On the way there, we had some fantastic shots of the Empire State Building.

 SO many tall buildings everywhere!

 We also walked by Radio City Music Hall.

 The NBC sign Rainbow Room

 Rockefeller Center! No sign of a Christmas Tree yet, but I'm sure very soon there will be a big beauty standing here.

 The famous ice rink. I've heard this before, but the rink doesn't seem nearly as large or grand in person. I think it still must be a little magical to skate there at Christmas time with the tree and lights.

 The NBC news corner. Where the Today show takes place.

 The entrance to the building.

 We were heading up to the Top of the Rock. Destination- the 67th floor!

 Our immediate view once we left the elevator. The Empire State Building.

 Though we were clearly so high up, I never felt nervous or out of sorts being so high up. My theory is there are so many buildings that are also quite tall in close proximity that you don't get the same effect of distance from the top of the buildings.

 Since these photos get shrunk a bit here on the blog, not quite as impressive. However in the right side of the water area of the photo stands the Statue of Liberty.

 The New Years Crystal Ball. The white lights say 2012 with the ball sitting right above it.

 This window was a great spot for photos. Good thing John and I didn't remember to flip up the flash :/

 Outside a great view of the Empire State building and a kind person to take our photo together.

City shot where you can see the Chrysler Building sticking up toward the right side behind the MetLife building.

Up on a higher floor, 68th, we had a better view of the Chrysler Building.

 Central Park! It was gorgeous with all the fall colors, but the lack of sunshine made for some muted tones.

 Vic and John taking turns posing with Central Park in the background.

We then headed up to the highest observation deck, the 69th floor, and had some beautiful views and some serious winds.

 Central Park. My hair is a hot mess here- ha ha.
The Empire State Building framed between John and I.

It was wonderful seeing the city from that viewpoint and had a great time exploring the area. More NYC to come.

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