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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random NYC

     To wrap up the never ending NYC blog posts, here is the final entry. Randomness! Photos I wanted to blog about, but somehow didn't warrant their own post. So they all find a home here in Random NYC.

On the way back to the hotel after the boat tour, we got to take a double decker open top bus. So much fun! A perfect self shot of the happy couple.

Being in a double decker bus, I discovered if I really wanted to, I could easily grab a traffic signal at any given moment.

Also got to see some serious plant lovers in a random building. That is a TON of palm hanging out of the window!

Taxis galore! I'm not sure which are more dangerous- the resident taxi drivers or the people who walk and literally cross mere feet/inches in front of vehicles in the street against the green light. People here don't like to wait for very long.

Unprepared John as I snapped a photo as we headed into the subway.

Unprepared Victoria standing in front of a massive Loft store. Ann Taylor and Loft have been my recent favorite stores to shop in, so this bright sign was a natural magnet for me.

Some of the best/closest shots of the Chrysler building.

A beautiful hotel that flanked one side of Bryant Park. The gold features really stood out against the dark brown building.

New York Public Library. The outside was grand and gorgeous!

Wrapping up the trip with these 4 photos offered to us for purchase from our boat tour. Instead of shelling out $, I snapped photos of the screen. You can see how much John and I really got around the city with these backgrounds- ha ha! 

     While the trip to NYC was brief, we had a fantastic time. There is so much to do and the city never seems to sleep. I feel like I just had a taste of what the city has to offer and hope to go back sometime to see even more. 

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