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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Times Square

     One of the most iconic places when people say New York City is Times Square. It is busy, noisy, filled with tons of people, and illuminated day and night with lots of billboards and massive TV screens.

Times Square during the day.

 We even managed to see our home town sweetheart, Taylor Swift, there.

 People everywhere! With it being the weekend before Halloween, we saw lots of people in costumes Saturday night.

 The bright lights at the back of photo is the "center" of Times Square where everyone wants to get to.

 Another evening we went and captured a clearer photo. Taking self shots were always comical for John and I.

 So many things to look at with all the advertising and TV screens lining the buildings.

 At the center of Times Square. It was pretty much shoulder to shoulder people down here.

I told John we needed to get a shot of the both of us and after several failed attempts, this was the best one. Clearly, you can see that we were cracking up at this point.

Love in NYC

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