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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Helping Out

     Yesterday, Courtney asked me if it would be ok if after school she went with several of her friends to the church to volunteer and then attend the Wednesday night service for middle school instead of coming straight home. I told her of course- what parent is going to deny a child who wants to do volunteer work?

     When I picked Courtney up from church later that evening, she was so excited and was so eager to share what she and her friends had done. So I thought I'd share it will all of the Apedaile6 readers.

     Our church is in the middle of a 2 week drive to bring in meals for Thanksgiving. There have been shopping bags along with a list of required items so each family benefiting gets the same meal. In addition to the food, participants donate a bit of money in an envelope to purchase a turkey. I'm sure the church does that part as they need to be frozen/refrigerated. Several people have already brought their donations in and Courtney and her friends helped assemble the bags for easy distribution. Courtney said they went through over 400 Thanksgiving meal bags yesterday! How awesome is that? She and I talked about how being generous is important and how fantastic that so far 400 local families will get to have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal thanks to people doing something as small as donating $10-15 and picking up a few extra items at the grocery store.

Late last night John told me he saw this photo on the church's "Go!" Facebook page. I wanted to share this photo of Courtney and her  friends as they loaded up a trailer that will be delivering the meals to local families. So thankful Courtney has a serving heart and she has a group of friends that feel the same way.

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